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Plant Based Seasoning - Variety Pack

Plant Based Seasoning - Variety Pack

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BRING VEGAN RECIPES TO LIFE - This all-natural, powdered seasoning tastes just like meat but contains no animal ingredients. For a rich and full-flavored broth, add one teaspoon of this vegan seasoning to one cup of water. Or, to season your tofu or plant proteins, sprinkle one teaspoon on 1 serving of protein while cooking. Each 2 oz. package contains 19 servings of plant-based powdered seasoning.
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Sprinkle Health and Flavor

Transform your cooking with our all-natural plant-based powdered seasoning, perfect for adding depth to broths and enhancing plant proteins. Make every meal a masterpiece with our vegan seasoning, adding a burst of flavor to your favorite dishes.

What Others Are Saying

"This is a versatile addition to any vegetarian kitchen. I use it to make a flavorful broth base and sprinkle it or mix it into soups, pasta, curries, and marinades. It is not as complex as animal-based broths, but it's also not greasy like many animal-based soup powders."

Lori, Verified Buyer

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