Collection: Plant Based Seasoning

This all-natural powdered seasoning mimics the taste of meat without any animal ingredients. Add one teaspoon to a cup of water for a flavorful broth or sprinkle it on your tofu or plant proteins while cooking
  • Chris, Verified Buyer

    I use these crumbles to mix into whatever I want to add some protein to. My favorite though is to put it on top of vegan yogurt dry as a crunchy topping.

  • Jenn, Verified Buyer

    This product is versatile and delicious. I especially like that there is very low sodium. You don't see that often with meat substitutes.

  • Faram, Verified Buyer

    For the vegetarians who has alergie to soy product, this is a perfect option to use as meat sauce, patty,..... I am so happy I found it!