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Hearty Plant Protein - Unflavored Strips

Hearty Plant Protein - Unflavored Strips

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BRING VEGAN RECIPES TO LIFE - Make your mealtimes fun and deliciously delightful with our versatile and protein-packed Vegan Meat. Rustle up Tacos and Fajitas. Get a taste of the East with Chicken Stir Fry or Chicken Noodle Soup. Make a hearty Chili or stick some Shish Kebabs on the grill! Ideal for hundreds of vegan and vegetarian recipes, Hearty Plant Protein gives you easy meaty goodness the vegan way!
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Satisfying meaty texture

Enjoy a beautifully satisfying meat-like texture with every bite. Specially made to offer a superior texture, this delectable meat alternative can be used in recipes in place of chicken, beef, pork, and more. Enjoy a texture close to the real thing and never go back to tofu again!

Give it your favorite flavor

This Hearty Plant Protein comes unflavored so you can season or marinate them to perfection. Simply boil your succulent hearty plant protein crumbles in broth or water then infuse them with your favorite herbs, spices and sauces. The result? A quick and easy meat substitute you just won’t be able to resist!

What Others Are Saying

"I add these to various dishes to boost the protein levels without adding meat. I like them. By themselves, they are bland but that works well for me since they don't conflict with the flavors of my meals. Adequately cooked, they are easy to eat."

Maurice, Verified Buyer

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